Tryon Palace

New Bern's centerpiece is Tryon Palace, the lavish Georgian brick mansion named after William Tryon, the British Colonial governor who had it built in 1770. It is a sumptuous showplace inside and out. Twin rows of oaks leading up to the entrance provide a stately introduction, and the scenic backdrop is the wide and lovely Trent River. The palace is where delegates gathered for the first State Legislature meeting in 1777.

Reconstructed English Palladian style royal Governor's residence. Houses artwork from the late 18th century. M-Sat 9-4 and Sun 1-4 Admission $12 adults and $6 children.

There will be more to come on Tryon Palace. A complete section, which will include pictures, information, and QTVR movies will be ready soon.

Tryon Palace - State Library of North Carolina site.

Royal Governors - State Library of North Carolina site.


Pollock And George Streets

New Bern, NC 28563


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