Tara Prindle

 NativeTech is devoted to the arts, crafts, and technology of the eastern woodland Native Americans.  The major topics addressed include beadwork, birds and feathers, pottery, clothing, metal work, plants and trees, porcupine quills, stonework and tools, and weaving.  Each topic features multiple articles contributed by Tara Prindle and others.  The articles incorporate drawings and photographs into a textual explanation of the history and techniques involved.  The Web site is a work in progress, so some topics have not yet been fully developed.  NativeTech also contains a collection of interactive Java-based games with Native American motifs, and information on Native American toys and games.  Other special sections include stories and poems by Native Americans, and an extensive array of recipes organized by region and main ingredients.  The Virtual Woodland Tour provides a glimpse of the Native lifestyle in the 16th century.  The stops along the virtual woodland path are illustrated with drawings by Ms. Prindle.  This Web site does not specifically target the K-12 audience, and the inclusion of some commercialism and news directed at an adult audience indicates that it be used with teacher supervision.  Nevertheless, it meets a vital need in the curriculum.


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