The Columbus Navigation Homepage
The Columbus Landfall Homepage     

Keith A. Pickering

The Columbus Navigation Homepage and its sister site, The Columbus Landfall Homepage feature a unique approach to Columbus’ voyages of discovery.  The navigation site presents an overview of the four voyages, as well as a timeline for the life of Columbus.  It’s main focus, however, is on the methods Columbus used to find the New World.  This proves to be a fascinating topic, particularly since Columbus was unable to use the techniques of celestial navigation, which had not been fully developed at the time of his explorations.  The navigation information ties in nicely with the The Columbus Landfall Homepage, which adopts an inquiry-based approach to the voyages.  Various theories about the location of the landing are presented in a manner that encourages the user to weigh the merits of each and decide which is most plausible.

Together, these sites provide an experience that is engaging, informative, and challenging.  Perhaps the most valuable aspect of them is the insight provided into the methodology of historical research.  The diversity of information and approaches allows the creative teacher to use these sites as a basis for math, geography, and history activities at a variety of levels. 


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