Jamestown Online Adventure

History Globe and Bob Dunn

The Jamestown Online Adventure is a brief, Flash-based online activity reminiscent of the old Oregon Trail game.  As the game progresses the player makes decisions such as where the ship will land, how to deal with the Native Americans, and what type of crops to plant.  During the decision-making process the player may request advice from a colonist and/or a Native American (where appropriate), or consult suitably highlighted sections of the Instructions for the Virginia Colony 1606.  Each decision is submitted immediately, but feedback is not provided until the player has completed all six steps.  At that point the appropriate feedback is displayed in four categories: food, health, wealth, and morale.  The student will then learn what effect the decisions he or she made would have had on the success of the colony.  These results will vary considerably: for example, the player might be promoted to governor of the colony, or perhaps find out that all of the colonists are dead.  The rationale behind each outcome is clearly explained.  The game is interesting enough to be played several times, which will add to the student’s knowledge of survival skills in our early Colonial Period.




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