How to Cite Carolina Clips

For a multimedia presentation:

· Include the following statement on the title frame of your presentation:

Photographs, illustrations, and text information taken from the
Carolina Clips Website.

· Include specific bibliographic information on the bibliography frame of your presentation with date(s) searched:

All photographs, illustrations, and quoted text taken from
Carolina Clips, mounted by Instructional Technologies, Department of Public Instruction, Raleigh, NC. January 12, 13, 1997.

· Include source of permission on the frame with the photograph or illustration:

Photo courtesy of NC Division of Travel and Tourism (source:
Carolina Clips).

· If you are quoting information word-for-word, place quotation marks around the information and place the source in brackets.

"The home of the North Carolina General Assembly is unique in that it is devoted solely to the legislative branch of the state government, containing facilities necessary for the efficient functioning of the General Assembly." [North Carolina Legislative Building History,
Carolina Clips]

· If you are paraphrasing information, place the source in brackets after all the information you have paraphrased.

Designed in the Greek Revival style of architecture, the North Carolina State Capitol is cross-shaped, with domed rotunda in the center that connects the our wings. [The North Carolina State Capitol,
Carolina Clips]

For a written report:

· Use the following format:

Author if available. "Title of Frame." Name of Website. Online. Method of Access. Date of Access. Available Internet path


Instructional Technologies. "The North Carolina Legislative Building History." Reprinted with permission from 'North Carolina State Legislative Building.'
Carolina Clips. Online. Internet. 12 January 1997. Available WWW:

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