McDowell County

The Cathey-Wofford-Greenlee House

As taken from The McDowell News edition from Friday, July 2, 1976

The Cathey-Wofford-Greenlee House, until destroyed during a wind and snowstorm several years ago, was probably the oldest surviving building in McDowell County. It was on an early land grant to William Cathey, then sold to William Wofford and later to John Mitchell Greenlee of the Turkey Cove Township.

It was built in the pre-Revolutionary War period and constructed of logs and later weather-boarded. Originally it had six rooms with hand planed ceilings. The floors were firmed by wooden pegs. It was built by Cathey and sold to Wofford in 1782. Greenlee purchased the house from Wofford in 1791. Present owners of the property where the landmark stood are William and Charles Harvey Greenlee of Woodlawn.

William Cathey built a fort, known as Cathey's Fort, for the protection of early settlers from Indian attacks. When he conveyed the property to William Wofford, it was renamed Wofford's Fort.


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