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(Photo courtesy of NC Division of Travel and Tourism.)

  • Name: Oak Island Lighthouse

    County: Brunswick

    Built: 1958

    Operational: Yes

    Body of Water: Atlantic Ocean, Cape Fear River

    Color: Black - White - Gray

    Design: Cylindrical Bands

    Height: 169 feet

    Signal Visible: 19 miles
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Oak Island Lighthouse flashes the newest and most powerful beam of all American lighthouses. This powerful beacon is surpassed in brilliancy only by a French light on the English Channel. Because such intense blinding heat is generated by this light, repairmen must wear protective clothing. Even with protective clothing, they can work only a short time. The name comes from Oak Island which is an outer strip of North Carolina's lower southeastern coast. In 1958, Oak Island Lighthouse replaced Cape Fear Lighthouse, which was located across the Cape Fear River on Bald Head Island. Because of the need for a rock foundation solid enough to support the tower, the lighthouse builder had to go 125 feet underground. In winds up to 60 mph, this tower may sway as much as three feet.

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