Copyright Guidelines

The guidelines for including work that is done by other people in your own presentation, report, or movie:

Writing from a book, magazine, etc.
  Up to 1000 words, but not more than 10% of the book or article

  Up to 250 words (or the entire poem if it is less than 250 words)
  No more than 3 poems by the same poet
  No more than 5 poems from a collection of poetry

Photographs or drawings
  Up to 5 graphics or photos from the same person
  No more than 15 images from the same collection
  Images can not be changed

  Up to 3 minutes but no more than 10% of the entire video
  The video clip may not be changed in any way

  Up to 30 seconds but no more than 10% of sheet music
  Up to 30 seconds but no more than 10% of a recording
  The music can not be changed in any major way

Giving credit to your source
  An opening screen of a presentation must indicate that it follows the "fair use" rules of the U.S. Copyright law
  Copyright information for all items used must be included in a bibliography

Note: These pages provide a simplified version of copyright laws and regulations. Please check the More Information
section for sources of more detailed explanations.

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