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  January Web Sites  
  Featured sites by topic listed HERE  
  Martin Luther King Jr. Day  
  Seattle Times Feature  
  Remember! Celebrate! Act!  
  MLK Research and Education Institute  
  MLK Day of Service  
  Martin Luther King Bio  
  Nobel Peace Prize 1964  
  MLK at America's Story  
  Georgia Encyclopedia Biography  
  MLK at Britannica  
  Martin Luther King Timeline  
  Snow Crystals  
  Snowflake Patterns  
  Coloring Activities  
  Web Weather for Kids  
  Winter Storms  
  The Snowflake Man  
  All About Snow  
  Bald Eagle Month  
  American Bald Eagle Information  
  Bald Eagle Foundation  
  Bald Eagle Tips and Photos  
  Nature: Eagles  
  An American Success Story  
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